Rachel’s zines are available for free digitally and you can print them out yourself, but if you’d like to order a physical copy put together by Rachel, please email rachel@moosader.com !


La Malaventuroj de Steleto!

La Malaventoj de Steleto is about a cute star that nobody likes. Issues: 2

Language: Esperanto

La Malaventuroj de Steleto on itch.io


Rachel’s Esperanto Reader

A small Esperanto reader with colorful art and activities. Issues: 1

Language: Esperanto, English

Rachel’s Esperanto Reader on itch.io


Rachel’s Láadan Reader

An educational Láadan reader with simple grammar, colorful art, and small articles. Issues: 1

Language: Láadan, English

Rachel’s Láadan Reader on itch.io


Rachel’s Reader Book

A language learning comic with simple sentences, available in multiple languages. Issues: 1

Languages: English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Ido (separate issues)

Rachel’s Reader Book on itch.io


Rachel’s 2019 Minizines

Minizines from 2019, about social issues, languages, and computers. Rachel’s 2019 Minizines on itch.io
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