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C++ Programming Practice (Incomplete – Suspended)

Year: 2013

Formerly “Game Programming Prerequisites”.

This guide is really just a series of small programming assignments you can do to practice your C++ knowledge.  This includes the core of C++ that you need to know, such as variables, control flow, functions, classes, pointers, references, polymorphism, etc.


Game Development

Let’s Make Video Games

Let's Make Video Games

Year: 2014

Coming Soon


Beginner’s Guide to Game Programming – Episode 1

Beginner's Guide to Game Programming

Year: 2009

Allegro VersionSDL Version

Beginner’s Guide is for people who already have a solid understanding of the basics of C++, and want to learn to use Allegro to make games.


FAQ: Game Development – Where do I begin?

Where do I Begin?

Year: 2010

This tutorial is for the user who has no idea where to begin as far as game development goes. This guide suggests many choices based on whether you’re already experienced with C++, have some experience with other languages, or have never touched a programming language before.

Class Slides

I am an adjunct instructor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. You can view my lecture notes and assignments online.

Volunteering & Event Resources

I like to volunteer and teach kids, teens, & people in general about programming and game development! Here are some resources I’ve created during volunteering, and for other events!

Boy Scouts of America – Game Design Merit Badge

CCCKC – Beginning Game Programming with Lua and Love2D

CCCKC is a 501c3 Hackerspace in Kansas City.

Maker Faire 2012 – You can make games!


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