I believe that learning resources should be free. I, of course, cannot make anybody else give away their work for free and I do work for a college (I have to pay bills), but I enjoy making my own curriculum for courses I teach at my college and for other little tutorials online. Any resources I make are free for everybody to access and use.

Johnson County Community College courses

C++ Programming

Discrete Math

Girls Who Code at JCCC

Tools & resources

Discrete Math Visualizations

Visualizations and interactive webapps for Discrete Math and other classes.


cuTEST unit test framework

This is my C++ testing framework that I use with C++ programming assignments to provide students with a way to validate their work as they go, rather than turning in something that they're not sure will actually work.


C++ Utilities

A small set of functions that I reuse a lot.


Data Generator

Plaintext resource files and scripts to generate data for various programming assignments.


LaTeX stuff

I use the LaTeX markup language to write a lot of my CS documents, and I have my widgets and custom things here.


Old course webpages

It's old and not being updated anymore.


Game Development

Beginner's Guide to Game Programming (video series)

A video series on game programming using C++ and SDL


Introduction to Mobile Game Development

A written set of lessons for an after-school class I taught about game development

(Please contact me for access)

Game Design Merit Badge workshop using Scratch - BSA

A written lesson on Scratch I made for a BSA Game Design merit badge workshop

(Please contact me for access)

Introduction to Esperanto (video)

An introductory video lesson on the Esperanto language


Fantazio de Esperanto

An app for learning basic Esperanto vocabulary


Introduction to Source Control (video)

An introduction to what source control is and why you should use it


Rachel's Discrete Math Course

Lecture videos from CS210 and CS 211


Rachel's C++ Course

Lecture videos from CS201