12 Wrapping Up


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Initializing Allegro
  3. Keyboard Input
  4. Drawing Graphics
  5. Playing Sound
  6. Drawing Text
  7. Regulating FPS
  8. Enumerations and Random Numbers
  9. Bounding Box Collision Detection
  10. Planning the Game
  11. Super Basic Game Structure
  12. Wrapping up


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Part 12 – Wrapping Up

Your turn!

I’ve outlined the basics of what you’ll need to know to make a Pickin’ Sticks game, so now it’s your turn to try it! Try to get as far as you can, and if you’re stuck, DEFINITELY ask questions! I will post video responses and update with answers. Every question asked helps out everybody.

My code in this tutorial is public domain, you can do whatever with the games you write based on it, with no credit to me needed. Same with the public domain graphics and sound.

Distributing your game

When your game is done, you should organize your folder a little bit so it’s nice and clean. Copy-paste a copy of your folder, this one will be for distribution. If you want to have your source code available, create a “src” or “source” folder and move all the .h and .cpp files into it. Do not include your project file, just the .h and .cpps!

Make sure you have alleg42.dll in the folder that has the main .exe file.

Remember to write a readme file! It should have the game’s purpose, controls, and your credits!


Let me know about your game! If you want, I can host it on the website under this tutorial’s page!

© Rachel J. Morris, 2009

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