Fin ‘n’ Kit

Fin N Kit


Fin and Kit are new buddies, brought together by their common love of fish!

Fin ‘N’ Kit is a cross-platform action game that is currently under development for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Join Fin the Dolphin and Kit the Kitten on their adventure as they search for fish and explore the seas! Fin and Kit jump independently, so you must juggle them as they travel so that they collect the trinkets and avoid obstacles.


World 1 available!

SmallFinIn the current alpha build, world 1 is available to play. It includes seven levels to play through, and an introductory story that shows how Fin and Kit met!




Build Your Own Levels!

Hawk who travels in a sine-waveThe level editor is also included with Fin ‘N’ Kit, so that you can build and share your own levels!





Hand-drawn graphics

Fin ‘N’ Kit features cute, hand-drawn graphics. Such a cute crab on a turtle!Even your enemies are cuddly and adorable – but you should still avoid them.




Multi-lingual fishies

Fin ‘N’ Kit is translatable and will be available in several languages!

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Esperanto

Interested in translating FNK into your language? Contact us at !


Download Fin ‘N’ Kit

Fin ‘N’ Kit is still under development. Features and levels will be added, graphics and audio will be tweaked, bugs will be fixed, and more! But you can download the alpha version for free on!

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