Custom Apps

Custom Games and Apps

Do you need a custom app, interactive presentation, or game for your business or organization?

We can take care of the programming, art, and music all through Moosader!

We are based in the Kansas City metro area. We can work with you in person (if you are local), or online!


Available platforms

Your app can be custom-made for a variety of platforms, including:

  • Android and iOS devices (Phones, Tablets)
  • Web, to be used through a web browser such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or IE. (Click here to view an example game)
  • Desktop systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)



Our team will work with you to flesh out your design document and help you figure out what your final product will look and feel like. This includes drafting artwork and user interfaces, as well as building a set of features that your app will have.



Moosader LLC can also build your app to be multi-lingual, so that it can be translated into any language. Our team also consists of a couple of Spanish speakers, and we can build your program to be available in both English and Spanish.



More Information

To get more information about the process, including building a design document and pricing, please contact us at and we will email or call you with more information!


Sample Gallery

Here is a portfolio of works by Moosader LLC.


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