About Moosader

Moosader LLC is an independent game studio & software company in Kansas City, KS, founded by Rachel Morris. It was officially established as an LLC in 2015, though had been around as a game development community and name that Rachel published games under since at least 2008.

The focus of Moosader is to create games that are different from what is currently out there – this includes educational games for topics like languages, games that tell unique stories, and in general, games created to be the types of things we would like to see out there, but that does not currently exist. We also occasionally work on educational materials in other forms (like videos), teach workshops, and build custom apps and games.

Additionally, the “Moose Team” isn’t the traditional fare that you would expect from a game development startup. In order to create unique games, you need to bring in different types of people. We work with our team on building up skills with game development tools and processes, so that they can also tell their own stories and create their own worlds. Moosader isn’t just about making games – it is also about fostering creativity and guiding our team to meet their individual goals.

Contracting, mentoring, internships etc.

Moosader is still a fledgling company, so we don’t have any regular career positions available.

However, we do occasionally contract out work to creative types around Kansas City, as well as provide some mentoring, or even internships, to help people interested in app development to gain more experience and confidence.

If you’re interested in working with us, or know somebody who might be good for an internship, please feel free to reach out at Rachel@Moosader.com and we will let you know what is currently available!


Moosader is still a small startup, trying to build up into something greater. While we don’t have employees right now (besides the founder), we do team up with various people who lend their talent to help us create cool things. Let’s take a few moments to acknowledge and thank these people!

They are ordered starting with people who have worked with Moosader longest, and ending with our newest members of the Moose Team!A picture of Rachel, outdoors, looking toward the sky, because maybe it's a cool post I dunno.

Rachel Morris

Founder of Moosader LLC

Contributions: Programming, art, business

Pronouns: They/Them/Their

Contact: Rachel@Moosader.com

My goal is to provide opportunities for people to learn to create. I try to inspire, guide, and encourage the “Moose Team” as they work on their projects.




Alexa Summers


Contributions: Gamedev intern, 2018

Alexa has been building her own Visual Novel game, doing her own art and programming as part of the Moosader 2018 intern group!



A photo of Rebekah

Rebekah Gall

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Contributions: Game design ideas and stories, programming, music resources

Rebekah has worked with Rachel on projects even since before Moosader. When they were kids, Rachel and Rebekah would make RPG Maker games together for fun! Later on, Rebekah has come up with stories and design ideas for other games, as well as worked on the coding for those games.


A photo of Rose, standing in a field of tulips in Washington.

Rose Morris

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Contributions: Art, video editing

Although Rachel and Rose grew up together, Rose ended up as the much cooler one of the two. Rachel often looks to Rose for style ideas and to get her input on projects. Rose has also worked on concept art, game art, and works on video editing.



A photo of Shawnee with some yellow flowers

Shawnee Williams

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Contributions: Programming

Shawnee is a former student of Rachel’s, and also works professionally as a tester. She has worked on a small Moosader team (Rachel, Shawnee, & Dilendra) to develop a custom game for another small company in Kansas.



A photo of Tea (pronounced

Tea Coba

(That’s “Tay-uh”, not “Tee”!)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Contributions: Translation and localization management, Esperanto and Spanish translation, Esperanto and Spanish social media, app testing

Tea has been one of our earliest team members, first helping with building entertainment in Esperanto for the original Esperanimeo blog, as well as helping with translations for language learning apps like Fantazio de Esperanto. She continues with Moosader translation efforts, as well as contributing to the Esperanto and Spanish Twitter accounts for Moosader, @Moosader_EO and @Moosader_ES



Kurt Phoenix (Kuĉjo Fenikso)

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Contributions: Facebook page management, t-shirt design ideas

Kurt is probably a bigger language nerd than Rachel is, which makes him even better suited to come up with clever and unique t-shirt ideas for the Conlangers online store. Together, Rachel and Kurt design new shirts, and Kurt handles the management of the Conlangers Facebook page.


Honorable Mentions

Though not formally part of the Moose Team, these people have also helped us out!

Enmanuel Toribio

Enmanuel is an entrepreneur in his own right, and is somebody that Rachel relies on for advice and guidance when it comes to building projects and running a startup. He has also helped with translations for Fantasía de Español.

Jessica Capehart

Jess has helped us with trailers and marketing!

Dilendra Khanal

Former intern, has helped us write an Android game for a client!

Ryan Lee Toms

RLT is a Kansas City musician, who also did the soundtrack for Gift Grab: Christmas Quandary.

Chris Perrin

Chris also provides guidance to Rachel, on topics like management and entrepreneurship.

Moosader Values

Be Creative. Be Kind. | Estu Kreema. Estu Bonkora.


Everybody should have the chance to learn.

Moosader is committed to creating high quality educational resources, available for free, and using tools and technology available for cheap or a low price.



The best team is a diverse team.

Moosader actively seeks talent from different backgrounds, in hopes of creating engaging and inclusive entertainment and resources.



What do you have to say?

Listen to people’s concerns and experiences – customers, employees, the public, and so on. Take complaints, concerns, and ideas seriously. Everybody deserves to be heard.



Let’s tell a different story.

Amplify the voices of those who are not listened to enough. Do not talk over people when they have struggles – amplify their voices for all to hear.



My voice is not more important than your voice.

Everybody deserves respect. Students who are trying to learn should never be put down. Team members should be treated with trust and dignity. Critics should be heard and considered.

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