Ni bezonas testistojn por Fin ‘N’ Kit!

Fin 'N' Kit screenshot

We’ve got an alpha build up and running for Fin ‘N’ Kit! Now we need some testers and feedback!

What is it?

Fin ‘N’ Kit is an arcadey “runner”-style game that includes Fin and Kit, whom you control independently of each other. They need to collect trinkets and avoid obstacles to get through the levels.

A level editor is also included in the Fin ‘N’ Kit alpha (and future versions), and testing the editor would also be appreciated!

What will change?

The game is still under development, so there will be changes to art, music, sound, and the game’s features themselves. But, with your guidance you can help shape Fin ‘N’ Kit into a better game!

What will you get?

  • A credit in the game
  • An key for a free copy of the full version of Fin ‘N’ Kit once released

What do you do?

You will download the latest build of Fin ‘N’ Kit at:

Please spend some time playing the game and using the level editor.

Then fill out the response form here:


Fin the Dolphin jumping - Thank you!

Thank you!

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