Sheet Music Scroller Alpha

The past couple of days I’ve been working on this Sheet Music Scrolling application. I made another one with SDL(?) and C++ back in 2009 but I never bothered to expand on it. But, I’ve been playing with a lot of JavaScript lately (having something up somewhere on the internet with minimal futzing about for other people to try it is just… so satifying).

Sscroller-screenshot-1o I decided to remake my scroller, only way better. And, since it’s browser-based, I tried to set up the layout so that it would fit to the page and look decent on tablets.  This one will also accept uploads and save them to the server, storing data about that song in a JSON format to load in later.

What would be really amazing to do is eventually add an editor. For songs with repeats or codas, this isn’t going to work that great. But, writing the app so that it pulls out every measure and re-organizes them based on any “flow changes” would be quite a lot of work.

Flow changes? Hey, I’m a good pianist but I never studied music theory D:

* The music scroller is inaccessable for the time being *


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