Lore Harp and Carole Ely: Vector Graphics

There’s a great article on Fast Company about an important computer system that is largely forgotten today. The company Vector Graphics was ran by two housewives and one of their husbands, and they built quality products in the landscape of kludgey hobbyist computers back in the 1970s. Read “How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create[…]


Appreciating Stephanie “Steve” Shirley – The programmer and businesswoman that they never taught me about in school

Original post by Rachel Morris on her Facebook page I’ve talked about Stephanie Shirley before, but I have new friends now so I’m going to gush over her a bit more. While going to UMKC, I’d hear about Ada Lovelace a lot from teachers, and almost never about any other women in tech, even Grace[…]

BNE: Women in Computers

This is a research paper I wrote for a Cultural Diversity class I took in Spring 2013. The topic is investigating the lack of women in computer science, and while researching it I found that there are many variables that go into a decision to avoid a tech field. I try to cover these, but[…]