February – March: Skribu!

Skribu! Write stories in Esperanto during February & March! December – January was Ludfesto, the event to make video games in Esperanto, and February – March is Skribu – an event for writing stories in Esperanto. Lometha is organizing this one, and if you’re interested in participating, check out the /r/Skribu subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/skribu Video games…[…]

Ludfesto – Esperanto Gamejam

During all of December and half of January, Esperantists around the world worked on making a game for the Esperanto gamejam, “Ludfesto” (Game-party). We had five finished games submitted (which is pretty standard for many of the competitions I’ve organized), so I thought that I would highlight these games. Right now I only have screenshots,[…]