Conlang Fantasy – Offshoot of Merri: Language Fantasy

We are currently looking for translators for Merri: Language Fantasy, and while Esperanto at least will be available in the standard version of Merri, we have been asked about having other conlangs available in the game.

With that, let’s at least plan on making a free offshoot of Merri: Language Fantasy, dedicated to conlangs. It will be the same game, same gameplay, same codebase, but with conlangs specifically packaged in.

So, if you’re fluent in Láadan or Volapük, or are writing your own Conlang, you are welcome to help out with translation.  Again, if you’re interested, please email me at . The source is available on GitHub at:

Contributing a Conlang

All of the game text is located in the GameText.lua file here. If you’re not familiar with working with GitHub or .lua files, let me know and we’ll work together.

The game has a Helper and a Target language. For example, an English speaker might be learning Ido, and would set each of these. The main navigation menu is in the Helper language, with the mini-games being in Ido. For each language, Helper Text and Target Text should both be translated (so, conversely, if you know Ido, you can then use this program to practice English).

If your language has a non-roman script, I will ask that you submit a romanized version and the scripted version. For example, if this were Japanese, I’d want a romaji, hiragana/katakana-only, and a kanji+hiragana/katakana version.

If your language uses a completely custom script (i.e., requires a custom font), we can do that. I will be adding in a mini-game to view and practice characters + pronunciations later on. We can build a custom font, though the plain-text used in the game code might look weird (for example, we may be using the letter “A” to symbolize “dummy symbol“.)

The game will also eventually contain audio, though we’re still just working on releasing a new demo right now. So, having a microphone would be helpful to record Target Text! :)

Any other questions? Please let me know. Email and we can coordinate.

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