Fin ‘n’ Kit Work in Progress

I’ve been working on Kuko, a C++/SDL framework for my games, on and off since May. I’ve been working on porting some of my Gideros/Lua projects to use this instead, so I can build the games for Android via the NDK, as well as release the games for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Fin ‘n’ Kit already has a demo out on Google Play, but it’s not a complete game, so I am now working on making a C++ version and fleshing it out in the process. The GitHub repository is here:

I will post more updates as I have them. I’ve been sick for two and a half weeks, so development has kind of slowed down. 😛

So far, I don’t have a lot to show. There’s a language select screen (I do not have translations for all those languages right now), a main menu, and a basic game state with the Cat and Dolphin jumping working.

I’ve changed the physics around a little, so that the dolphin can jump even if the cat isn’t in the air. The cat will just ride on top anyway. So the character movements are:

  • Cat jumps once, dolphin stays down
  • Cat jumps twice, dolphin stays down
  • Cat jumps once or twice, dolphin jumps once
  • Dolphin jumps once, cat rides on top

So you’ll use these moves to avoid obstacles and collect cool stuff.

You can also play with the keyboard, with W to trigger the cat and S to trigger the dolphin.

I’m working on the map editor next, after drawing some game art for a beach area. More on the map editor later.



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