Pickin’ Sticks Everywhere (Series idea?)

The original Pickin' Sticks

The original Pickin’ Sticks

Here’s an idea for a new mini-series — Make Pickin’ Sticks with ALL OF THE TOOLS.

There are various resource pages that introduce you to different tools – some where you code, some where it’s click-and-drag, whatever. But, how do you know whether you want to actually use the tool or not? Is it a pain to set up the library? Does it work out-of-the-box? This is something I face even just figuring out what tool to use for the platform(s) I want to support. (Gideros supports iOS and Android, but not PC!)

So here’s my pitch: I find a tool (e.g., Scratch, Construct, PyGame, Unity, etc.) and I record myself from setup to game creation. Perhaps we do it in a Google+ Hangout On Air, so it’s streamed live and everybody gets to watch every painful moment, or joyous occurrence.

Sound like something you’d participate in? Or maybe want to watch? Have a suggestion for a tool?

Is there a tool that you’re experienced with? Maybe you can be there just in case I can’t figure something out. 😉

If there is enough interest, I’ll schedule some times for it, and post it in the Moosader G+ group (https://plus.google.com/communities/112427380196090088395), and we can try it out!



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