Ludfesto – Esperanto Gamejam

During all of December and half of January, Esperantists around the world worked on making a game for the Esperanto gamejam, “Ludfesto” (Game-party).

Map of registered participants

Map of registered participants

We had five finished games submitted (which is pretty standard for many of the competitions I’ve organized), so I thought that I would highlight these games.

Right now I only have screenshots, I have not played any of them yet, but I plan on doing so tonight!

Also, voting is still open. If you would like to try out the games and vote for your favorite, go to the Google form:

The instructions are in Esperanto, but there are links to download each game.


Submitted Ludfesto Games

Cedis (Gave up)

by Enmanuel Toribio cedis

Domeno 45 Korelativoj (Dominoes – 45 Correlatives)

de Frederiko Saŭmi kaj Vitor Mendes kore

Finvenkisto (Final-Victory-Person)

de Neil Roberts

Rachel’s Notes: Like with anything, there are always politics. This game is to make fun of “Finvenkistoj” (People who believe in a “Final Victory” of Esperanto – where Esperanto becomes everybody’s second language). Not all Esperantists believe in a Final Victory, but some do, so other Esperantists make fun of them. 😉


Frenezurbeto (Crazy Village)

de Vanege frenez

Invadantoj de Krokodilujo (Invaders from Crocodile Land)

de Rachel Morris

Like with Finvenkistoj, there is another concept in Esperantujo (Esperanto-land) called, Krokodilado.  Krokodilo is a Crocodile, and the verb form Krokodili means “To Crocodile”, literally, but also means to be speaking your native language in a place where you should be speaking Esperanto. Therefore, sometimes people give others a hard time if they are not speaking Esperanto.

My game is also making fun of the idea of “To Crocodile”, where you’re defending your Esperanto bases from the invading Crocodiles. ;P



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