Delfino & Katyuno early preview video

I’ve been working on a new Android game since late February, called “Delfino & Katyuno”.

It is a game about a Dolphin and a Cat and… well, I haven’t written the story yet. It won’t be too grand, but I already programmed in cutscene support so there will be something, hah!

It is a game with pretty simple mechanics, but I am planning on it being more than just a walk in the park. I’m hoping to capture a similar feeling to when one plays Dance Dance Revolution… if you know what I mean. It can go slow, fast, lots of things to hit or avoid, etc.

The game also includes a map editor, so people can create their own levels to play. I am still figuring out how to use LFS (Lua FileSystem) to work on the Android, but you should be able to pull the map files off the SD Card and distribute if you wanted.

One thing I didn’t show off in this video is the HD graphics — If you’re playing on a small screen, like my 480×320 phone, then you get pixel art. If you’re playing on something higher-resolution, such as my tablet, you get really nice hand-drawn HD graphics. I will show those off later. :)

I will also try to talk about some of the challenges in the future, such as making sure it’s accessible to color-blind people, and other design and programming tidbits.

Hope you enjoy this brief video!  You can keep up with the news about Delfino & Katyuno on the project webpage!


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