Pickin’ Sticks LXXIV

I’ve been trying out Gideros, a framework for making Android and iOS programs lately. I’ve successfully completed a Pickin’ Sticks game (the first game I make with any new tool I use), I’ve thrown the code on GitHub, and I created a mini-postmortem.

I’ve already begun work on my next Gideros project and have some other things planned out. I’m looking forward to seeing all I can do with it! Maybe I can pick up one of my old abandoned projects and make it for OUYA. Mwahaha…

To find out more about my *ahem* latest masterpiece (available in English, Esperanto, & Ido!), please visit the Pickin’ Sticks LXXIV page.


Pickin’ Sticks is licensed under the MIT License! Have you made your own? Make a YouTube video so it can be added to the Pickin’ Sticks directory!

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One thought on “Pickin’ Sticks LXXIV

  • Kivy (NUI library for python.)

    Search youtube for kivy crash course. I was able to run a demo on Android, and I’m kinda noob.

    You might also look at Panda3D.

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