The Ido Language

I posted an article last month about the unofficial -iĉ suffix in Esperanto (i.e., adding a suffix to denote maleness, to mirror the female suffix).  After some frustration with some Esperantists, I dropped my studying of the language. I started learning Ido, a language based on Esperanto but with some improvements (such as, no circumflexed characters ĉĝĥĵŝŭ, which are uncommon and sometimes difficult to use in programming, and default-neutral nouns with male and female suffixes).

Of course, after a month, I began missing Esperanto comics and films, so I’m going to continue with it, but I am also working on learning Ido as well. In addition to animations and art I do for Esperanto, I will also make original Ido content as well.

These language-based videos are on separate YouTube channels than my primary one, which is mostly focused on game development. My Esperanto channel is MoosaderEO, and my Ido channel is MoosaderIdo.

And, to kick off my Ido films, here is my first short story – Animalo Rejlando (Animal Kingdom) #1

I am not a good author, but one thing these conlangs need are stories with simple grammar to help others learn, to hear how it’s spoken, etc.

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2 thoughts on “The Ido Language

  • Thanks, Rachel. Well done. But sometimes the English subtitles block out the Ido ones. Maybe the vocabulary could be introduced as an Ido/English chart at the beginning and then in the story, just the Ido is shown.

  • This was very helpful for me since I have also picked up the Ido language after noticing you posting about it. The story was also cute :). Hope to see more!

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