Moosader Community GameDev Competition #12!


The Moosader community occasionally has themed game development competitions, where you’re allowed to use any tool (unless restricted by the theme) and come up with any neat ideas you have to fit within the constraints! A lot of really interesting and creative games have come out of the competitions thus far!

So, for Competition #12, the top two themes are Kill enemies in an obscure way and Ecosystem Simulation.  Hmmm! Hard to choose between the two! But the former won out.

Competition 12: Get rid of enemies in an obscure way

So here’s what we need before we get started:

  • A volunteer to make the announcement video, to be aired on the official YouTube channel.
  • One or more volunteers to help come up with the rules, and answer questions. (Volunteers can still partake in the competition if they desire. Rules are created ahead of time!)
  • A poster for the competition, similar to past competition posters, at 214×300 in dimensions.  If nobody else feels up to making the poster, then I can do this myself.

Once we have everything accounted for, the Compo 12 forum can be created and we can start getting people interested, and brainstorming ourselves!

Let’s aim for a time-frame of October 11 – November 11!


If you’re interested in volunteering, or have any comments/notes, please leave a comment here or email me at


Video Volunteer notes

There are a few notes for the video making volunteer.

  1. No copyright/IP infringement – use only CC / public domain art and music, or stuff with permission. (incompetech is good for music, ArtSader, …). This also goes for fonts (OpenFontLibrary). Make sure to credit at end of video.
  2. Make sure to cover the competition’s theme and have the video link to the competition page, once it’s up
  3. Will need announcement video, but may also want a “competition is over, here are the games” overview with a list of the games & screenshots/video. Let me know if you can do both.


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