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Alternative Indie

Gameplay is only one aspect.

Our focus is on making games, but not simply games -- we are interested in teaching, in telling a new story, in sharing different experiences. We love games, we love gameplay, but we also want to create stories. We want to tell our unique tales, and we want to teach you skills so that you can be enabled to tell yours as well. That is why we're part indie, part alt, and part edu.

Team Moose

People who want to do things a little differently.
Founder, Programmer, Artist
I am a software developer in Kansas. I love programming, teaching, and learning new skills. I’m always learning a new language.
Marketing, Media, & Design
Jessie is a highly creative woman with experience in film making, project management, and SEO.
Internationalization, Scripting
Tea is a language nerd from Spain. She translates various open source games and works on her own for fun.

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