Welcome to Moosader.com!


Moosader is a one-woman game development studio in Kansas City, which is focused on:

  • Making fun games for various platforms
  • Tinkering with Open Source projects
  • Teaching others to make games through written and YouTube programming lessons
  • Teaching other topics through writing games and software
  • Providing a community (through message boards, IRC chatrooms, and even G+ hangouts) for members to discuss their projects, ask for help, and make friends


February – March: Skribu!

  Skribu! Write stories in Esperanto during February & March! December – January was Ludfesto, the event to make video games in Esperanto, and February – March is Skribu – an event for writing stories in Esperanto. Lometha is organizing…

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Ludfesto – Esperanto Gamejam

During all of December and half of January, Esperantists around the world worked on making a game for the Esperanto gamejam, “Ludfesto” (Game-party). We had five finished games submitted (which is pretty standard for many of the competitions I’ve organized),…

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The December 2014 LUDFESTO!

2014 Ludfesto Rigardi Esperanta The official Ludfesto page will be located at nia-esperanto.com , where you can stay up-to-date with news, register your account to post your project, and more. For now, I’m posting about Ludfesto here to begin telling…

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