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Gameplay is only one aspect.

Our focus is on making games, but not simply games -- we are interested in teaching, in telling a new story, in sharing different experiences. We love games, we love gameplay, but we also want to create stories. We want to tell our unique tales, and we want to teach you skills so that you can be enabled to tell yours as well. That is why we're part indie, part alt, and part edu.

Team Moose

People who want to do things a little differently.
Programming, Art, Business
Rachel fell in love with computers when she was 6. Versed in a variety of skills, Rachel likes merging all her interests into one through game development!
Business, Programming, Art
Rebekah loves music, animals, and… VIDEO GAMES! Rebekah and Rachel grew up together, so Rebekah has caught the programming bug. :)
Marketing, Design,
A transgender “Jill-of-all-Trades” creative and a filmmaker who always wanted to be a game designer, Jessie is bringing her filmmaking and marketing skills to the video game world!
Internationalization, Scripting
A keen linguistic fanatic and a game developer wannabe! Tea’s passion for languages and ducks knows no bounds. Recently, she has decided to step into Game development for good. She is transgender and proud of it.

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